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PREMIERE: Blossomer Shares ‘Time_Slips_Away’. “Bellows of synth notes cover that vision with blue and gray thoughts”.

Ethereal and mystical, BLOSSOMER throws those bones of mystery into the winds of time and space with single ‘Time_Slips_Away’. The unrelenting visage of memories and unrequited emotions, lie in the dawn of the grassy knolls of the song.

With dainty key works – as delicate at the sprinkles of stars in the sky – they dance in the tips of your soul and teases in a virtual strip in chants and under-stated huff. As the bellows of synth notes cover that vision with blue and gray thoughts, you realize you’d been transported into a casket of darkened but undaunted carousel of vision, remembrance and relevance.

Lead by the bewitching vocals of Alex Crabbe, BLOSSOMER’s eclectic resistance to the norm, was seeded long ago. With his mates Rob Eatough, and Alex McKay, they continue to build on the momentum from their debut, driving the wedge between reality and fantasy, definitions and unconformity.

“Time_slips_away is a bit of a ‘does what it says on the tin’ kind of track,” stated BLOSSOMER. “Themes are about taking a chance while you can and making the most of it. Maybe unusually transparent lyrics compared to our usual stuff. It also harks back to the Blossomer album with the inclusion of guitars and a lot of space in the track. It was written quite a while ago towards the end of my previous project Bleached Bones but it felt like it fitted the Blossomer mould, rather than previous efforts.”

Since their debut, their popularity with BBC TV and documentaries, remained. A certain validation to BLOSSOMER’s style of presentation suits many genres of discussions, to be sure. And that is because their songs tap in to serious and vital cultural issues that inhabit our world, in reliable processions, that we on-lookers want and desire.

The tradition of that texture building, continues with BLOSSOMER’s ‘Time_Slips_Away’.

Look for the new EP coming in 2019.



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