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PREMIERE: BOX OF MOXIE Shares ‘In The Palm Of My Hand’.

The battle had been lost. Well, at least the outcome seemed inevitable, even when the haze of the battle field was still thick with decaying emotions. Her radicalization in personal affection was worn off by decades of trials and tribulations. His notion of and for love, was hanging by the skinniest of strings. Both wanted more.

In the days past, their courtship had blossomed, and leveled at the delightful serenade of birds chirping and confidence in decisions, cementing. They had fallen in love. Even though slightly nervous, they both deemed the path to be righteous.

But just like fleeting leaves on an autumn’s day, the mask of love came off for the both of them. There they laid looking to collect their exposed hearts, back in to their bleeding chests – feeling disillusioned and pitiful.

The battle had been lost.

Will there be a return to love? We assume so.

There are many things in life that keeps you in the ‘waste basket’. And when in it long enough, you feel ‘comfort’. But this is the death of our sensibilities and during BOX OF MOXIE’s single ‘In The Palm Of My Hand’, Stephen Jacques, encourages with melancholic verses. The subtle ambience of turning the pages, when they feel 2 tons heavy, lie in the lyrical works of the single. Balance is needed and should be sought fervently. Commitment, sincerity, honesty, and energy are supplied by such ambitions. Stephen just thinks we can get there.


Stephen believes in you.

‘In The Palm Of My Hand’ is the 3rd single off of the band’s new LP ‘Submission Admission’, which drops January 2019.



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