PREMIERE // Brioni ‘Manifest’ : An anthemic journey in universal togetherness exudes.


Taking strands of contextual notions, intertwining with a savory grit of synth vibrance, Brioni’s latest ‘Manifest’, delivers a work as compelling as the next very horizon. With the goodness tradition of bands like Röyksopp and Robyn, the combination of pop and alt-musicianship, deepens the resolve for distinct uniqueness and aural beauty.

Said Brioni of ‘Manifest’: “The scene take place in an imaginary world where “Anyone can try to be, But everyone can’t always win the game”. It can be understood in many ways and speaks about our world, dreams and aspirations seen from the mystical point of view. “We can let it cover us and let it all devour us, We can wait till all is done and we are all the same” explores the loneliness and smallness of the human nature.”

“In these weird times we are living in,” continued Brioni, “we can use our isolation days to understand better who we are and to decide what we want to change. We have to take a leaf from music and art, to be brave and turn the tables.”

An anthemic journey in universal togetherness exudes in ‘Manifest’.

“Don’t leave until we’re one” give us hope. Love, realness and union will save the world and will always enrich our lives, especially if we are ghost walking in them. We can awake and live on Earth with respect and kindness to each other, necessary to “never go astray”.



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