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PREMIERE: Ceylon Ceylon Shares ‘Why Don’t They Love You’.

Frederick Johnson and Lebrown James make up this dynamic musical partnership. Often pop, sometimes alt, the nuance of the duo’s musical intuitions is the anchor for their outputs. And that makes the exercise, fascinating.

This time around they’d collaborated with fabulous vocalist GRAZIELLA and hits it hard with low beats, funk, and soul, via ‘Why Don’t They Love you’.

“The tracks are written from two different perspectives,” said the duo. “‘Why Don’t They Love You’ questions how fulfilling it is to love our digital selves more than our analog selves, while ‘Ghost’ is a reflection on the emptiness we feel when comparing ourselves to the stream of flawlessness on social media.”

With a more urban and gritty presentation, CEYLON CEYLON, was born out of a North London basement in late 2017. The passion for inspirations in world, vintage, and modern electronica, the duo set out to blend and re-facilitate their own.



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