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PREMIERE: CHRISTOFFER BERG Shares Single ‘Infiltrator’.

Copenhagen based artist CHRISTOFFER BERG returns with his next single, ‘Infiltrator’, and his infectious passion from his vocals and his lyrical works, instantly connects him to his listeners.

Inspired by actor, Roger Moore’s portrayal of James Bond in 1979’s ‘Moonraker’, Christoffer’s ‘Infiltrator’ operatically brings a fascinating twist to a uplifting and relevant playfulness to the rock-infused single. The gritty vocals cement Christoffer’s brand of uniqueness that he brings to his outputs, almost daring the listener to sing along and enjoy the interesting side of life.

“Roger Moore was almost a parody of himself. In Moonraker especially, he seems like he has kind of lost the plot. Him, his extravagant looks and this extremely cheap looking plastic scenography somehow attracts me. And i can certainly draw lines between him and the whole rock n roll cliché.”

CB’s rock culture which he presents in his outputs, represents correctly the cinematic and theatrical production value that he dearly loves projecting. And just like in his previous single, ‘Unexpected Understanding’, the artist’s knack for constructing full-bodied rock experiences is fabulous.


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