PREMIERE // Cobey. ‘Maybe (These Wings)’ : Then pouring benignly into the heart of hearts.


Cobey. is the Chicago singer/songwriter Cobey Bienert. Atmospheric in touches of light and the dark, the layered and acrimoniously beau-tonic resonance of his songs, come hither with pop allegiances and fleeting glimpses.

Off of his upcoming new album ‘It’s Not Me | It’s Used’, comes his single ‘Maybe (These Wings)’. And with it a solemn resurgence of memories and alternate resistance, dangle with righteousness and doubts; mixing in the soup of knowledge, then pouring benignly into the heart of hearts.

With wispy and angelically attending vocals, Cobey’s diligence in his lyrical depth, comes through with ace fluidity and gray folk-vibin’ deliciousness. A profound insurgence of regrets, victories and ultimate rise to prominence, traces the journey. ‘Maybe (These Wings)’ is a contrast of inner-most turmoils, dowsed with the vibrance of expectations and future embodiments.

Simple. Modern. Graceful.


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