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PREMIERE: Coby and The Prisoner Shares ‘Street To The Door’. “Fondness cometh with emotional salinity.”

Like a long and penetrating gaze, COBY AND THE PRISONERS’ single ‘Street To The Door’ comes at us with expanding guitar strums, art-nouveau-like lyrical folk-tales, and seminal injection of sentiments for the little things that made life ‘what’ it turned out to be.

Started in 2015, the project of Coby Harzler, began within an environment and town. Here, he’d began to grow up and think about what was ‘being fed’ into his roladex of knowledge. The simple but powerful notion, questioned his life philosophy and started a chain reaction of ‘what things really meant’. Inevitably, his urgent vigor to find out more about his existence added to his music growth and endeavors.

“‘Street to the Door’ is a longing for a time in the past,” Coby stated. “For me, it was a venue/art space some friends and I created in our small town. Some days it was just our home. But other days it was a dance hall, a movie theater, a venue for our favorite bands, a spot for drifters, whatever we wanted it to be. You could get off work and exit the real world and enter another one. One that was built to let us be whatever we wanted. It was our own world in our small town. An escape. Like everything, it couldn’t last forever, but my fondness for that time and that place only grows”

Coby’s philosophizes like many out there in the world. But he writes in song, to share and feed off of the support and resonance afforded by his listeners. The ‘symbiosis of living’, is made through his music. It nourishes him, to be able to be who he had, is, and will be.

An introspective artist, Coby (along with current bandmates Matt Garver, Nate Sustar, Joey Weaver, William Stansifer) do the best they can to walk down the sometimes lonely road of this living world; accepting in heart, correcting wrongs, and adding to the hopeful betterment for the world we all have decided to build together.

Grand gumption?

Yes. But we think Coby knows this, and accepts that value, as he did while growing up in that small American town.

The heartfelt single ‘Street To The Door’ doesn’t have any pretense or wonton ambitions. It is a clean slate pallet where we listeners can reflect and frame our own lives – however you’d prefer.

Coby’s last full album was ‘Candy Queen’ in 2017. We think it’s about time for another soon.



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