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PREMIERE: Cold Weather Boy Shares ‘Angry Fool’ Off Of Their New EP ‘Fog’.

COLD WEATHER BOY is about to drop their newest and sophomore EP ‘Fog’ on April 3rd. And with that, they come back to adding their own. Following their 2017 debut EP ‘How did it get so late?’, the band continues the path of energetic summits, tangible calls-to-arms, pension for beckoning armistice, and an honest to truth insurgence to what makes love and emotions and pain, relative.

And within ‘Fog’, there lies the single ‘Angry Fool’, a prog-rock alternative surf-rock offering, which whips its tale of surrealism with often constructed abandon. Choral vocals is the anchor to this Radiohead-like, The Strokes-tinged bound to the limits that intrinsically dowse our senses.

It explodes, however, with beautifully poetic lyrical exercises, depicting frameworks of life’s paintings. The colors fly off of the canvas, as peaks and valleys slice off of the guitar licks and delivering percussions. The frustrations with the world is written and embedded throughout the song, as it and its protagonist ponders what it takes to live this life – a hard life – where inner demons and inner discussions flower to certain toxic brim.

COLD WEATHER BOY will play Our Wicked Lady in Brooklyn, April 3rd – which is the same day ‘Fog’ will be available on all platforms.

Deliberate and thoughtful words lay out their case in COLD WEATHER BOY’s outputs.

We think you should be there to experience the depth.

The band consists of deliverers of good music: Elias, Mo, Michael and Jamie.



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