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PREMIERE // Cory Liner ‘Gucci Princess’ : Aggressive knock on the veracity of betrayal and the unredeemable truths.

Cory Liner

Louisville, Kentucky originating pop artist Cory Liner’s single ‘Gucci Princess’ is an aggressive knock on the veracity of betrayal and the unredeemable truths in disloyalty by the society that judges. Hearts are simple. Hearts get hurt. Hearts get revenge.

To Cory, ‘Gucci Princess’ in hindsight, has been her most triumphant and significant part of her musical career. Written and produced herself, she conveys the turmoil of a toxic relationship using metaphors in the lyrics about levels of power in society, calling the antagonist a “peasant” and calling herself a “princess”. Society sees, and reacts. An individual mind, must protect then resolve.

Cory’s examination for the practical, then expressing it in an unbound artistic manner, her determination and up-front musical profundity, casts no shadows, but encourage – to herself and her fans – the importance of moving on.

Written and produced by Cory Liner, the pop song with the darkened lyrical form in danceable effervescence, will be a part of the upcoming EP ‘Gucci Princess’ (summer 2020).


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