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PREMIERE: Cowboy Dinosaur Shares ‘Space Song’ Off Of Debut LP ‘Hyperbola’.

On April 5th, COWBOY DINOSAUR will drop their debut album ‘Hyperbola’. The 10 track collection of singles rasps with continuity and contrasts which the project easily vibes from beginning to end.

The indie rock band from Portland, Oregon is the solo project of Blake Hickey and it is that kind of bedroom feelz which succumbs to the whole of the world’s weight, but never breaking in two.

As many have started in this fashion, Blake started this thrust into descriptive music with an aim to ease his feelings of “depression, isolation, and social anxiety”. Now, as it has continued to help his innermost trepidations, the musical project has taken on a form of its own.

‘Hyperbola’ is the first LP for Blake. And it is a culmination of movement, both physically and emotionally, throughout his past decade.

The title of the album comes from the idea of “two people coming into close contact with each for a short amount of time and then gradually parting ways again”.

‘Space Song’ is part of that parsimoniously tangent piece of the puzzle. It is a single at the surface describes the vapid gap between one or the other. But in deep, the longing for that one glimpse – that one confirmation – perseveres as thoughts wrangle through the complex and highly personal maze.

That’s where COWBOY DINOSAUR lives.

Following the contrasting, fast motioned, first single ‘Starry Night’, in ‘Space Song’ Blake endeavors into the same self recognition by way of a more minimalistic and modern emotive relevance.

It is a chat – one on one.

A shoulder to lean.

A monstrous gain in self examination.

The beast roars, as the world turns.

Strains of living are crossed in our faces. In COWBOY DINOSAUR’s case, it is indelibly written and soldered into the fabric of experience upon reflection of inner demons and the dowsing of such palpable un-intentions.



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