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PREMIERE: Dakota Blue Shares ‘Everything Sucks Almost All The Time’.

This is the new single music video for DAKOTA BLUE’s upcoming album ‘Specific System’. ‘Everything Sucks Almost All The Time’ predates ancient epochs, as it traverses, witheringly, precociously, radically through a personal hurricane of emotions. Pelted by hurricanes of thoughts and constituencies for the living, the multi-triad and angular description of this wall-art of a single, dangles in the mind and your neglected soul.

Shining through with the tropical guitar work, putting thorough thoughts onto a sliver of words and dialect, the song sings with an unwarranted but silent quiver.

DAKOTA BLUE is man possessed with possessive inclinations for the sonic verbs. He has no use for nouns, for he sees them as distractions within this textural underbelly he’s sought to create.

Battle scarred from Los Angeles skies, the minimalist squire of poetry and rhythms, dash again towards that line of infinity.



Wiping tears, yet un-bled.

We’d stated about his previous single ‘Cameo King’ this way’, in turn, about Dakota Blue:

“A ride down to the halls of truth and justice. Your truth, and the world hailing justice, which you’d been calling out into the wilds. The echoes of silence had been too defeating…The life that you’d had a love / hate relationship….Colors were missing, then shades of gray turned to purple red, indigo blue – sequentially breaking your psyche, ultimatums, and sense for anything that mattered. Shattered on the floor are pieces of your glass.”

Touching trek. Ad infinitum.



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