PREMIERE // Darkroom Data ‘Darkroom Data’ : A riot of time and space, within the nested and vertical of emotions.

Darkroom Data

Darkroom Data is the retro synth-pop science project of Irish vocalist Gillian NoVa and Brazilian composer Márcio Paz. The duo have been writing and recording together for two years, developing a synth heavy sound that is lofi, synthpop at the core.

Out of the woods, and into the formidable light of the public, the duo slams into the universe of particles, with their single ‘Darkroom Data’.

The lyrics read like a veritable time travel, “Ripped up and I’m ready to go, living at the end of a rope, Leaves some scars but the girl in the car’s bringing the hustle for her turn to blow”. And with that notion, the song clamors with identity stating: “Open your eyes innocent child, tell me can you suffer the knife…My, my, stack ’em up high, every single muscle must be tight”. A decadent call out for the mysterious and intrinsic; the vapid and the contentious.

Raised on a diet of folk ballads, sci fi, 80s and 90s dance and grunge culture, Nova brings an evocative, storyteller’s sensibility to the modern synth-pop genre with a voice that is by times sweet and ethereal, by times dark and soulful.

‘Darkroom Data’ is this twisted tale of desire and regret gurgled into life in Belo Horizonte, as an evocative, tribal bassline. “The rest was composed last Spring on the southeast coast of Ireland. The dark, moody vocals on the track underscore the subject matter but find balance and warmth in the textured synth landscape.”

A riot of time and space, within the nested and vertical of emotions.

Look for their debut EP soon.


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