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PREMIERE: DAVID MAINE Shares ‘Forever And For All’. Debut Solo Album Drops This Autumn.

DAVID MAINE is a definition of a quintessential musician. A chameleon: David comes at us with ‘Forever And For All’, and our first exposure to this sensual synth pop, it was apparent that we had to put off our daily routine (ie. daily errands, laundry, lunch, etc). Why? Because (1) ‘The Maine’ (yes, we call hime that) is an artist, (2) you just ‘want’ to, nay, ‘NEED’ to be kissing your girl/guy with this song, and (3) when the hard working, David, who is the bass player for Frankie Cosmos (one of our faves) tosses the glitter up in the air (with this single), like you just don’t care – we’re putty in David’s virtual hands.


Actually, to be honest, we were so very surprised of David’s R&B-pop-talents. He hit us with the kind of curveball you see in cartoons. You know, the ones that loop like 3 times, then hits the middle of the catcher’s mitt? Then the cartoon batter swings, misses, and his whole torso twists into a pretzel multiple times?

You know…That.

However, the shock dissipates when you realize how talented Davis is. And yea – now it’s just expected of him to provide us, mere mortals, with songs like ‘Forever And For All’, all the time. The tickle of what’s to come, during the foreseeable future, in David’s musical career is in no doubt. But his evolution and chapters in how he wants to say what’s on his mind – that will certainly be interesting to chronicle.

‘Forever And For All’ is the second single off of David’s first solo album.

It will drop this Autumn.

Oh, and by the by: we’d done several reviews of PORCHES, where his brother, Aaron’s skills just exude emotional heft and lyrical gravity through and through. It’s a family affair, it seems, and it’s a family musical legacy that (at least for us here at CHF) we’d want to witness.

We hope you will too, because it should be a fabulous ride.



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