Premiere: DAYTE Shares Debut Single ‘Just You’. “Gain your trust and warmth with that torrent of honesty.”

Fantasies and inquiries, come at the speed of light.

They start to dance at the edges of your focus, glimmering with suppositions, dangling the sweet scent of the one thing that makes life living. But at those same edges the companion of decadence, relies on a credence. It holds your hands in a under-sided submission, telling and beckoning for the days that are to be had; wrapped up in one gaze…one smile…one kiss. Sealed in a passion of trepidation, you stride forward, convincing yourself of the net positivities that seemed promising. The aura of the sweet and the sour, never ceases to dissolve.

“I wrote this song about the crucial make it or break it stage in a very fragile and dark relationship,” DAYTE STATED. “The best way to describe it is using the French expression ‘folie à deux’ in which both parties are on the verge of negating each other. Is there any use in salvaging it?”

And that difference of the good and the possibly bad, comes alive in DAYTE’s vision-single ‘Just You’.

Emotions are a handful. And we, as embodiment of such heft and responsibility, bears a certain burden. As DAYTE’s single traverses in a seminal tone that describes the potentials of a newly found love, the song brings a conjugation of sights and sounds, delivering a brooding and subliminal promise of a kind of redemption, prior to any harm that hasn’t yet revealed.

A defeatist stance? Nope.

A pessimistic alarm? Nope.

‘Just You’ is a self-improving revelation which wakens the protagonist to a new life with another. But as life inherently becomes complicated, the soul within prepares for the glory of this newfound excitement, with a standing notion that it can become a nightmare. ‘Just You’ is a conversation which forges the attitudes that converges to form a new ‘chapter’ for the engaging and loving protagonist.

It’s a challenge to herself. A promise to herself, to recognize, accept, absorb, and to form into action.

Meanwhile, she also promises to live the best life she can, as it has presented itself, with another whom she can and will adore.

‘Just You’ is DAYTE’s debut single. A synth framed love song, derived out of the forest of human relations and incorporations. It is statement of the heart, mind, and soul. As DAYTE’s delicate vocals exude her unabashed strength, the summary of the song prevails, as the chorus of synth-wave like elemental anomalies, gain your trust and warmth in a torrent of honesty and supremacy.

Co-written with Rob Davis, the subliminally alt-pop offering is pragmatism at an ethereal and poignant level.

DAYTE added regarding the Music Video: “The video was shot in one take, black and white with sporadic splashes of blue and red. We wanted it to look like a modern Mona Lisa moving out of the frame and unravelling before a break up.”



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