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PREMIERE: Deep Sea Fire Shares ‘The Forest’. “Straddling the lines between electronic dance and alternative rock.”

San Francisco based artist Azim Pradhan brings ‘The Forest’. An amalgamation of downtempo experimental pop, and poetic indie-rock vibin’ construction, the bass thumps with avarice and spacey institutions push for new boundaries.

Said Azim: “The Forest is about the giddy feelings of magic one experiences at the very early stages of a relationship.”

A unique offering from the bedroom producer, Azim grew up playing the piano and guitar from a young age, and began singing / recording his music on a laptop. Soon he started to find the sound he wanted to hear and to deliver to the masses.

Straddling the lines between electronic dance and alternative rock, Deep Sea Fire combines floor-moving bass-lines, ambient guitar riffs, and memorable melodies, with a wistful vocal tone Deep Sea Fire launched in the spring of 2019 with the release of ‘Lemon’.

‘The Forest’ is an indication to come, with driving personal purpose and new vibes offered. Azim works in a different way.

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