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PREMIERE: DETECTIVE LOGAN’s New Single ‘Cool People’.

‘Cool People’ is the first single off of DETECTIVE LOGAN’s upcoming EP ‘Shut Up’. And when the ‘cool people’ comes your way, you better step aside and see what they do in their immaculate sartorial ways, their methods of speak, their fabulous notions of how the party should start and end. Behind the opaque mysteries of their sunglasses, a world of fun awaits.

At least that’s the myth.

True, that attraction is natural for those of us from the outside. Looking into the world of the people in the know, we see only the glittery fabulousness and sheen. Our fascination is a detriment and curse (arguably) that spawns from the depths of us humans- just being obviously human.

DETECTIVE LOGAN knows our fallibility. And through the magic of music (and this single), they express their realities and opine to their hearts content.


This band is made up of Kate Garfield (MICCA, Thrift Store Panties, Playwrights Collective) and Michael Hanf (San Fermin, Allen Tate). They met in an actual Wall Street ‘vault’, where they were doing political performance art. With both Michael and Kate, in contrast to their evangelical fundamentalist upbringing, they settled in NYC – in an effort to go about things in a different light. Especially hard for Kate, the former homeschooled daughter’s fear of being ostracized, back home, was (is) traumatic. That is where DETECTIVE LOGAN was born. The project sets out to ‘reject that inherent repression’, that inner torture which slices you up, and tries its best to never let go.

But it does let go.

You manage.

You get stronger.

You set yourself free.

You’re happier, even at your darkest.

Kate is a singer, writer, musician, and actress. Michael is a multi-instrumentalist, musician, and artist. Combined, they tackle their latent demons from their pasts – like many of us do.

And in DETECTIVE LOGAN, they have that sword to wield, and heal.

Now dance!



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