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PREMIERE: drab Shares ‘loveliness’ Off Of Upcoming Debut EP ‘digging a hole to fill a hole’.

Particular, incisive, and granularly provocative, the artist and project named drab, radicalizes with industrial grind and unrelenting assaults.

drab is Andrew G Nault, and he’d stated: “There’s beauty in the less favorable moments in life…Musically my ear has always leaned in that direction. Chalk it up to a small brush with death at a young age, I guess.”

Darkness is, in a sense, a friend, a confidant. And in his interactions with the corners of his heart that always kindles emotions of creativity, drab ponders the un-thinkable – the morose, and the beauty that surrounds his being.

Reflective in context, ‘loveliness’ is certainly a moody and engrossingly archaic sliver of offering. But stay with it for just a moment, and within the succinct visage, the doors to a brighter and enlightening world spreads, right in front of you.

Building with gargantuan synth, grinding and writhing, ‘loveliness’ is that taste of being only in control of one thing, and one thing only: death. Not in a physical sense, but only of a textual and corporeal desperation for existence.

The dream lingers, as you drift away into reality.

Andrew is a Boston based artist who’d started as a concept where learning and expanding through the shimmer of the darker moments, just felt quite right. Hazy and gritty, yet supple under the bonnet, his visions of white-noise of a personal nature, exuberantly communicate to his audience.

Added Andrew: “drab is another chance for me to challenge myself and explore… a melting pot to throw all of these styles and experiences into and see what comes out.”

‘digging a hole to fill a hole’ is his upcoming debut EP.



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