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PREMIERE: DREA ROSE Shares Debut Single ‘Intuition’ & Video.

DREA ROSE’s single ‘Intuition’ is an explosion of emotions, delicately presented in a lather of r&b fascinations, drizzled with hints of love, lust, affection, empathy. Pounding the memories of a foregone conclusion, and the facts that lie in a personal struggle of identifiable deference – Drea takes you away, to another place

The northern California native (now in Los Angeles) DREA ROSE (Drea Delacruz) emits sweet nothings to the audience, with soulful concoctions, reminiscent of many artists from decades past. Classically trained guitarist

And one of her best demonstrations is through this single, a warm and hearty vision of decadence, tempered and wanton; an individual inkling for what feels right, from a ‘love’ perspective.

It draws you.

It confuses you.

But ultimately, passions arise, manifesting in physical and most importantly, opens up the zeitgeist within.



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