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PREMIERE: Elliot Duke Shares ‘Hit it from the Back’. “Your skull, is confused, but it relaxes.”

Weird-pop is strong in this world, which we live. We at CHF live that ‘weird-pop’ life, if not everyday, at least every other day. Even being odd-balls takes effort, right? But there’s one place in this world that being unique and odd, comes together effortlessly.

That intersection of tastiness converges at the door of ELLIOT DUKE.

If you are into musical rebels like Alex Cameron, Rina Sawayama, or Jack Ladder, that’s where the sweet-spot lies when ELLIOTT DUKE indulges in his personal proclivity for the zany and ‘oddly’ attractive.

The synth drenched, bargain DIY sound, is a misnomer of such, for the sound of pop and rap, and everything in between, resounds then reflects to a calming pleasure dome, within your head.

Your skull, is confused, but it relaxes as it absorbs Elliot’s single ‘Hit It From The Back’ with decadent disregard for the naughty.

The German born and raised artist, had gone through life as a rebel himself, with many a tales to tell, sometimes having the opportunity to tell, and sometimes only having the chance to sulk in his rarity. So, at a point, Elliot became ‘numb’ to life.

Then music clicked, as the flowers of creativity bloomed in his plains in his heart, galloping towards a new morning.

The flow of good versus bad, is written in the complexity of his musical craft. It’s a pop-art piece that stands for external scrutiny, but more importantly, it’s the sum collective of his heart’s desires and his best efforts to add ‘better’ to this world.

The perfect storm is ELLIOT DUKE.

And we dig it.

Look for more from this gangster of the ‘odd’.


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