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PREMIERE // FIGHTS ‘Incel Inside’ : Rendered in grand-style metal frames. Ridicules but always understands.

FIGHTS / Photo: Bastian Fjeld

You’d never had it right, if you hadn’t heard and felt the single ‘Incel Inside’ by FIGHTS.

Rousing and metal vibrant, the indie rock band from Oslo makes the world feel alright with effervescent and nostalgic metal grinds, voluminous howling vocals, and perpetual modernity in surfy-garage edges that gives it that edge.

Debuting with their highly anticipated self-titled EP, the band rolls with even greater momentum as they springboard from their singles ‘Asbestos High’, which was awarded single of the year by Finnish magazine, Tuonela.

Sivert Moe, Sigve Kvitvik, Markus Uttisrud and Eirik Langva Lie makes FIGHTS what it is. A ride down the grand larceny of life, with nothing but gratitude and energy to do it as rock n’ roll deems it.

The EP brushes on themes like drugs, a sense of being deadlocked in life, with no hopes or ambitions, and not being seen.

Lyrics written by FIGHTS are ‘tongue-in-cheek’, but with an ironic sparkle. Rendered in grand-style metal frames, songs like ‘Incel Inside’ ridicules but always understands.

At the end of the day, FIGHTS is your ticket to fun and fun-times in your stressful day.


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