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PREMIERE: FLO Shares ‘Set In Stone’. “Get Lost In Her Radiance.”

FLO is London based singer/songwriter, Floriane Hu. The indie-folk starlet, in her latest single ‘Set In Stone’ constructs a star-map for love, with palpable guitars mixed with ionic vocal melodies.

FLO is radiant in every way. FLO’s vocals send the senses to another place with the gently placed falsetto peaks that tug at your heart strings and notions of what had been lost, or gained in this world. It makes you take account to a vastness that exists, and the diminutive being you might be.

The shimmering sparkles cast a glare in your eyes, as you listen to the beautifully crafted chorus and lyrics of this single.

In this world of cynicism and challenges, there are times when a small well of hope can bring you back to ‘life’. In ‘Set In Stone’ we can be confident that the strength to be the person you can, is a quantitative possibility. That things don’t need to be the way it is. That you can be that factor to that change. The well of hope and love, and everything in between bubbles up from that pristine hillside.

Take a sip from that well.

Take a moment.

FLO and friend, Riccardo Pecchi produced the single together, and as she put it: “…trying our best to capture the essence of a live recording, as the track is primarily built on raw instruments.”

“The track itself is about not putting too much pressure on what the future holds because life is unpredictable, and instead enjoying being young and carefree, whilst having a strong desire to travel the world with a loved one.”

Get lost in FLO’s affectionate and empathetic stance.

Her voice, her sensibilities, her music.


Look for the accompanying music video for ‘Set In Stone’ on October 28th.



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