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PREMIERE: FLØRE Shares ‘Blue Tide Eyes’. “The heart breaks. It mends stronger.”

Longing and indignant, the sound of FLØRE, reflects fully and completely. As she sings the verses of ‘Blue Tide Eyes’, the sight of personal freedoms, are coaxed with irreverent vibes of intensity and humbleness – a hind-site penetrated, irksome and sudden realization, the memories of a better suited time, makes us weep silently.

“‘Blue Tide Eyes’ gives me the feeling what it must be like when your life begins,” said FLØRE. “I’m still writing songs in my childhood room which felt too many times like a prison, in a town I hated, being heartbroken about a love that never happened…. Like a romance you just dreamt about. Nevertheless the heartache is real, when you wake up.”

FLØRE is inspired by “the dark- and sadness of growing up, feeling alienated and too soft for this world”.

The rhythms of FLØRE, are the sites of redemption, portrayed within the folds of her lyrical and sentimental tidings of her art. The premise in dynamic virtuosity, beams with the utter subtlety of her innuendos and the sharpness of her vocal inflections.

It’s the gentle side of expression, that grips with FLØRE’s tenure of work.

it’s the boldness, with the detailed stroke of pop attention.

It’s the kindness in vibe that colors her description of the gray.

FLØRE makes life a bit more flavorful.




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