PREMIERE // For Lua ‘Bruises’ : Transforming iridescence, that is born deep from the vacuums of your soul

For Lua

Impeccable delight, in the somber dance of the setting lights. For Lua’s ‘Bruises’ claims your day’s invocation, tearing down the layer of the earthly stresses.

The dreamy guidance of the indie-folk band from Sweden, casts a long grace of notions and sustained vibes. Intimate whispered vocals over fingerpicked guitars create soothing lullabies and invite the listener into their stories. ‘Bruises is a haunting ode to doomed love and blends the warmth of folky harmonica tones with atmospheric movements.

“The song is about weathering the heavy heart of the ocean and the storm of life.”

Malin Wiklund, with musicians Gustav Sverin and Johannes Hörngren composes composites of emotional longitude, gliding across the embarkment of the now and then. Transforming iridescence, that is born deep from the vacuums of your soul, a new future is redeemed into being.

The gentle guitar strings, delicately embrace Malin’s vocals, culminating in a fulfillment of what could be possible.

The ‘heaviness’ of life, doesn’t have a chance.


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