PREMIERE: Frontside Backsides Shows Us How To Cope (Or Not) In Single ‘Liar’. Debut EP Drops Janauary 4th.

You cried a little when she left you. You don’t admit it, but you did. Silently you swallowed up your pride and tight lipped, you got up and on that day, dressed up for the concert you’d promised to go to with your best buds.

The raucous and rowdy guitars and the coherently, incoherent sonic experience was just the remedy you’d been looking for. All of your worries washed away in a cascade of punk vibes, surf attitude, and garage nihilism. It was the first time you’d set your ears and eyes on FRONTSIDE BACKSIDES.

FRONTSIDE BACKSIDES is an Australian garage punk rock band that is as raw as your newly broken heart from that break-up. The Brunswick, Melbourne band, you come to find out was formed in 2018. Brand spanking new, you thought to yourself. The band was made up of fabulous musicians Jacob Watts, Ace Chapman, Jack Perry, and Padraic Martinkus.

New yes. But oh so glorious from the get-go.

As the night wore on, the worries of the day’s happenings had gone, and all that was left was the confounding but therapeutic antics of the FRONTSIDE BACKSIDES. Inquisitive, descriptive, and dirt real, FRONTSIDE BACKSIDES made an impression which was indelibly linked to the breaking of a once impenetrable shackle in life.

You were free.

And with sweat dripping from the concert, you thanked the gang in the band, as you put out the sign of the metal horns from you newly found path in life.

Solid, indeed.

‘Liar’ is off of FRONTSIDE BACKSIDES’ debut EP ‘Get Out The Way’, which will drop January 4th, 2019.


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