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PREMIERE: Futon Blonde Shares Music Video For Single ‘Breakdown’.

Off of their fabulous album ‘Uppercut’, the boys in FUTON BLONDE keeps us keen with interest, with their new visual for single, ‘Breakdown’. The Austin, Texas based quartet is a melodic and groove-based indie rock band with all of the right quantities of elements that hits you where it feels good.

And you certainly feel divine, listening to the grandeur of the psyched-out harmonies that glitter as you walk past the monuments of song and steeped traditions.

Made up of bandmates, Janson Sommers (Vocals, Guitar, Keys ), Mark Webb (Guitar, Vocals), Ben Goodman (Bass), and Steve Zamora (Drums), the deeply embedded Austinites bring the meanings of solace, acceptance, humor, and tinges of regret and remorse, into their songs.

Listening to the whole of their LP ‘Uppercut’ is the most direct way to get to know Janson and the gang, and in what they are intending to provide. The wispy gatherings of pop-rock always lingers as love tropes are shined with modern aesthetics and deliver with the impact of the freshness of past decade, of a coming future.

With ‘Breakdown’, the meanings of this and that, flotsam and jetsam, over the groves of life. Shoulders of meandering rivers of thoughts and nuances, glance over the pond of remaining waters. From then on, a waking wave of emotions are set in stone, soft as water – hard as the realities of our being.

Janson’s critical vocals of gentle understandings, revolve with angst and confusion in ‘Breakdown’. And as his mates help frame the story of an emotional crumble, we’re taken up to a 30,000 feet view of the accident of personalities that is about to happen.

From the soft handling of the drum sticks, the beating of the vocal beckoning, and to the war painted inklings of a soul unrefined, ‘Breakdown’ casts a shadow of an underpinning in dispersions. All of it raked by coarse brushes of individual truths, in gainful acceptance, and gracefully embraced by the realities of love and loss.

Formed in 2014 in FUTON BLONDE makes moody and catchy indie rock with an emphasis on head-nodding grooves.

Indeed they do.

See them continue in their Futon Blonde Fall Tour next @ Mohawk Austin, in Austin, Texas, October 22nd.



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