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PREMIERE: Georgia Sackler Shares ‘Time’. “Notes of harmony and reflection. No judgements.”

Brooklyn based GEORGIA SACKLER is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter. She’s been working hard on her debut EP ‘Where Once Grew Green’. And when the EP drops August 1st, a parting of our mental gray skies will methodically and presumptively happen. A fresh air of song writing hails from the mind and heart of the very thoughtful artist, and as Georgia’s words resonate, like a gentle ocean’s wave, you’re swept – regardless.

And you’re okay with that.

From personal challenges and challenges from which her loved ones were affected, the soul of Georgia can be seen soaring to a new strata, within the storytelling arc of ‘Time’. The absolute devastation of losing a loved one and material heirlooms, she tries her best to take the high road of dealing with such crushing part of life.

“My family hails from Gulfport, Mississippi,” Georgia explained. “In 2004, Hurricane Katrina absolutely decimated the Gulf Coast, taking with it my uncle’s life, as well as all our tangible memories; family heirlooms, decades-old debutante dresses, wedding gowns, china, photos from all throughout the 20th century. My grandmother’s memory was beginning to deteriorate before the storm, and the loss of those treasured amulets of time gone by only served to accelerate it.”

Georgia continued: “I pieced this song together over time, borrowing her words about the phenomenological experience of time vs. memory, and how we become strangers to the places we call home.”

Through Georgia’s voice, the cherubs of majesty can be sometimes heard, as her confident descriptions mount on the notes of harmony and reflection. The coaxing aroma of her vibrant undertones, mask, in and out of the darkly brooding and melancholic nature of her musical desires. Life is what it’s meant to be, if you deems it so. And Georgia, through the songs of her heart, relegates those vibes into a corner of her mind, to pick and prod to perfection in taste and bluegrass/folk shimmer. In the case of GEORGIA SACKLER, the relevance of her lyrics and the bounding weight of each word, collides to destroy notions, in an attempt to create a new world. A world of decidedly better sense of one-self, and a possible promise in humanity and just simple understanding.

The stories exists. She makes no judgements on how we receive and process.

She leaves that to her audience.

Georgia’s is someone to look out for, indeed.

Join Georgia at her EP ‘Where Once Grew Green’ release party at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City on August 1st.



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