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PREMIERE // .gif ‘Let’s Go’ : Futility, the absurd and the arbitrary. Contrasts becoming.


Made up of weish and din, the pair started out in 2013 as a passion project. Since then, the project has taken on another life of its own and has blossomed into their full-time career.

Taken from upcoming album ‘Hail Nothing’ (April 24th): “’Let’s Go’ is a nihilist party song,” said the electro duo. “A toast to the death of meaning––to giving up and being free. The title is named after a line in Beckett’s Waiting for Godot––“Let’s go. They do not move.” It’s a funny track celebrating inertia and futility, the absurd and the arbitrary.”

The duo added that ‘Hail Nothing’ the album, “sits in its own little space between trip–hop, post punk and slow driving techno. If our previous albums were The Smiths, this album is Joy Division. It is also our love song to the void; an ode to chaos and nothingness.”

Heavy on subjects of literature, film and theatre, the manic suppositions swirl in the words chosen. And within maelstroms of panic, derision, apathy, contentment, hate, and love, the human condition is dug deep within its dermis, calculating in its path, with ambient glows of shimmer and delight. The duo’s grappling charms, are thrown into the air of caution, and we all each can pluck from its surviving fruits.

‘Hail Nothing’ will thematically assure the exploration in existential philosophies, by walking in the shoes of characters of thought provoking ember. Albert Camus famously wrote in The Myth of Sisyphus is the emphasis and surely will deliver with palpable dread and exuding comfort of our most interior.


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