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PREMIERE: Giorgio De Palo Shares ‘Never Leave’. “Moving on, with no more regrets.”


Language of love translates effortlessly, when the sentiments of the often times confusing and timid estuaries of emotions, are distributed in such kind. When all things just meld in beautiful summaries, the right tones of understanding hits the spot – that spot of wellness. Of promises to be better. Of promises to move on, with minimal and remaining scars.

In GIORGIO DE PALO’s single ‘Never Leave’, a consumption of love and such derivatives, are unbound with subtle tastes of inspection and introspection.

The scars remain, but healing everyday.

The heartaches are dowsed in kindness.

The memories of once, loved, are slowly framed inside your personal safety box.

Moving on, with no more regrets.

“‘Never Leave’ is a reminder to myself,” said Giorgio. “Despite the up and downs of life it’s important to nurture your inner self in order to find stability, a place inside where you can always feel safe. Too many times we are overwhelmed by what’s happening around us and the society nowadays for sure doesn’t help, putting more pressure on us. Music usually helped me to access that place, making me feel completely present and aware. It’s from there ,while sitting cross-legged looking at the grey Berlin skies outside of the window, that Never Leave developed, from a stream of consciousness into a song.”

‘Never Leave’ is the follow up to his debut EP ‘First Waves’ (April 2019), and the sultry vocals of Giorgio is a voice that reminds with color grade anthems, drenched in understated gumption, and a pre-disposition to try and dig deeper into the crevasse that is the human condition.

One man’s efforts – internal and personal – profoundly becomes a mission of mercy for the all to experience.

Giorgio grew up in the peacefulness of his seashore surroundings. Born in Rome, Italy, he’s been raised, to a degree, by the hands of international destinations and by the love of music.



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