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PREMIERE: GOLD BABY Shares Debut Single ‘What Party?’

CHF is proud to PREMIERE the new debut single from GOLD BABY. The band brings in ‘What Party?’ the indie-pop infection that is indicative of that sunny summer infatuation for the love of your life, whom you thought you knew; whom you knew was meant to be.

The brilliantly unobservable decadence from GOLD BABY simultaneously releases the endorphins, heightening the contrasts of melodies, in the effort to subjugate the ravenous callings of our baby humanoid habits. Deep inside you know it’s right. You know your instincts are correct. You put your arm out the moving vehicle and feel the air move up, over, and under your forearm and fingers. Along the way, you must look inside.

GOLD BABY caresses.

Your journey towards that love… starts with ‘What Party?’.

The North London band led by the fab Siân Alex, comes at us by telling us of the limitations of those exact habits – our self delineating and often times self-induced boundaries, which we know not, how to climb over.

And Siân Alex’s vocals is what you’re looking for in that search. Her voice will be the guiding light on that darkened highway to that promised horizon. She lights it up with dazzling softness, that we can’t avoid. She makes us reminisce.

Along with Sam Asbury, Andrew Myors, and Ian Lee, this project has the promise of a certain kind of phenomenon that we think will have deeper implications. From the evidence shown through ‘What Party?’, the group’s effortless way of constructing tales to song; which brings us to believe in them.

It’s a cause for celebration, if you ask us.

Now. If you’re in the area, go see them at their single debut release party during their headline show @ The Shacklewell Arms on October 5th. Should be a fab time.

Congrats y’all, and looking forward to much more. We can’t wait to hear the next release (coming end of 2018), and a promise of a drop in early 2019.




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