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PREMIERE // Good Air ‘Kombucha Growler’ : Decorated with pains and frustrations, then lovingly glazed with grit and ultimate love.

Good Air / Photo: Stephen Harrod

“While there are thousands of songs that have aligned perfectly with my emotions and experiences, sometimes there isn’t a perfect fit. So I try to write that song.”

Ambition of light and dark. Of inspiration and of finding angles to the norm. A desperation of self, and of an outer bound in creativity and expressive revelry, a profound journey started in the wilds of New Jersey. But within the concrete jungle of Los Angeles, Stephen Marsiano and his Good Air project, defines a portion of a personal universe, decorated with pains and frustrations, then lovingly glazed with grit and ultimate love.

“I want my life movie to sync up with some other people’s life movies when they listen to it,” he said. “I would like it if other people were down to splash around and have a little fun with me while navigating a pretty fucked up thing.”

As a graduate from UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television with a B.A. and Directing concentration, Stephen’s music-making will always be married to his filmmaking. For him, sounds are also a visual process and “music is best when it makes life feel like a movie.”

Directing his own music videos and establishing skills as a storyteller in both mediums means Stephen can merge the best parts of the two and present one cohesive vision to the audience.

“I have an ability to pick a song that matches the feeling of my life at any moment – the song that would be playing in the movie of my life,” he explains. By creating the soundtrack to his own narrative, he hopes that others will envision themselves as the protagonist, too. “It’s a form of outreach, I yearn for connection through my music,” Stephen applied. “It’s like pitching an emotion to a bunch of people and asking: hey – does anyone else feel this way?”

‘Kombucha Growler’ is off the ‘Endless Novelty’ EP.

“While I still have a great distance to go, there is tangible improvement in my work, and that makes me happy,” he said. Thematically speaking, Stephen turned his attention to monogamy, or rather, his attempt to understand it in the sexually-charged culture of today. “In trying to formulate my own opinions on the biological desire for monogamy and the cultural desire for it (and how those two entwine), these songs fell out of my head.” Criticizing the “endless novelty” of seeing new and exciting faces/bodies/experiences in porn and social media, the singer/songwriter explores the intersection of sexuality and technology.

“I had always felt optimistic about how we might use them in tandem to elevate our relationships with one another (and with technology itself) but over the past few years I can’t help but feel like the outlook is souring into something a bit more sordid,” added Stephen.

Stunning sharpness of Stephen’s production, keeps the well mannered emotions of the listener, fully engaged. There is a danger and an ambiguity to the seemingly comforting directness of his vocals. The edges tear into your psyche, with a resurgeance of empathy and shrewed efficiency.

A contrast of sounds, living in the gathered palms of your hands. A gift of images, re-imagined by Good Air’s no non-sense mission for music.

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