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PREMIERE: GOOD DAYS Share ‘Orange’. “Positivity Overflow, With The Beacon Smile.”

GOOD DAYS is Eric Ronick and Michael Cannova. And they first met at a show in the Lower East Side (NYC). That in itself isn’t such a incredible incident, but how that chance encounter started this little musical journey.

Over the year, they kept in touch, and they shared their favorite songs and artist. And along the way, they discovered that they were into the sounds and music of the 60s and 70s.

No surprise, they kept talking and chatting about their music, and eventually (inevitably?) talked about making their OWN music. You know, playing instruments, and singing to their own compositions.

The proposal? “Let’s write music that makes people feel good.”


GOOD DAY was born, 2016.

In 2018, they’re working on their second collection of songs named ‘ROYGBIV’ (their first EP ‘Hello’ was released on December 2017). And in taking the super-powers of Eric’s ability to ‘see’ colors while listening/playing music, this new theme was cemented. ‘Orange’ is their single from the new upcoming publication.

‘Orange’ is “the most adventurous color in the spectrum conveys courage, confidence and truth”, the band summarized. It signifies to the duo the ‘ups and downs’ and the sometimes ‘harshness’ of life. But it celebrates in the GOOD DAYS’ mantra of looking at the silver lining of things to come. It’s again, a positive message towards, ‘not wasting’ the days and trying to do the most you can with what you have.

Let’s keep on, keepin’ on!

CHF is proud to be PREMIERING ‘Orange’ and the duo-with-the-mostest (positivity).

Kudos, Mike/Eric. Kudos.



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