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PREMIERE: GOOD DAYS Shares ‘Yellow’. “From Darker Days Into The Light.”

‘Yellow’ is the latest from GOOD DAYS, providing the band’s branded eclectic atmospherics and classic modified surf-pop aesthetics. The sunshine is GOOD DAYS and ‘Yellow’ is the profound reminder for those better deserved optimism you deserve.

Eric Ronick and Michael Cannova head this circular project. GOOD DAY was subsequently then born in 2016, where they started this little musical journey. Over the year, they kept in touch, and they shared their favorite songs and artist. And along the way, they discovered that they were into the sounds and music of the 60s and 70s.

‘Yellow’ is a primary color project of feelings and emotions from the band. ROYGBIV is the context of the project, and in this chapter, the color Yellow puts things of life in context, with a color that ‘conveys hop, joy and optimism’. GOOD DAYS wants all of us to get along.

From darker days into the light, we come through to the better. “Every morning you wake up” is a battle won. We mustn’t forget that little fact. From that starting base, we can rise. We can rise high, and proud to the best of what we can be. Let the sunshine warm you, and let the sunshine enter that cool chamber, within.

The journey continues.



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