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PREMIERE // Gooseberry ‘The Protagonist’ : Galvanizing with little taunts of lyrical vibrance and musical theatrics.


“‘The Protagonist’ is the second single by Gooseberry. The 4-piece band from Brooklyn, New York shares a song that is a little about how we are all the lead actors of our own movies, and a lot about smiling as you lose control. Catchy melody, pulsing beat, and boastful guitars, are all coincided in a decadent vocals that brings up only the most effervescent of tastes.

New and fresh, the band released their debut single, ‘Berkshires’. The dizzly song about self-doubt, awareness, and the rolling hills of Western Massachusetts, the right and appropriate follow up can only be ‘The Protagonist’. A contrast to the previous, ‘The Protagonist’ continues to expand the thrills of the blues and jazzy charms for the band.

The band consists of Asa Daniels (guitar, vocals), Colin Ashen (drums), Sam Rappaport (keys, vocals), and Will Hammond (bass). And the talented band, brings that indie goodness, both in a studio and live setting, galvanizing with little taunts of lyrical vibrance and musical theatrics.

Look for more from the band that’s on its way.

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