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PREMIERE: Grandmother Corn Shares ‘Hello You’. “Brings a smile to your face.”

Iisa Kinnunen

Finnish indie-rock band, GRANDMOTHER CORN, is a sultry dollop of summer sweetness you’d been looking for.

Funky, nostalgic, furiously fun, the band is a ball of ol’ style rock n’ roll and underground magic. They deliver with ambitious focus on what really matters. And what matters is a danceable sensibility of guitars, drums, harmonica, and vocals that bring you back in time and emotional delight. They succeed in ‘Hello You’ with flying colors, as the pastel tones invoke and unlock a previously secret part of your heart.

The song just brings a smile to your face and to your bodily movements.

‘Hello You’ is a continuation of the band’s thrust and excellence, ever since their first LP ‘Ballroom Cuts’ dropped Spring of 2017. The band has a reputation for fabulous live shows, and they are very much proud of what they can bring to the Fenno-skandian underground music scene. In May of 2018, they released their 2nd album ‘Daphne’.

Lyrically, ‘Hello You’ is a love song or a dedication to a lover. The original version of the song was written back in 2017, and had to wait until now to deliver in its final glory. ‘Hello You’ was finalized right after the drop of the 2nd album ‘Daphne’.

The band stated: “The lyrically the song is basically a love song or an ode to some one. The song is also full of musical and lyrical nods to some of the songwriter/singer/guitarists favourite works: the lyrics are referring to movie All About Eve and Sam Cooke’s Soothe Me while the instrumental part is a musical nod to an old baroque song by Johann Pachelbel.”

“Sonically we wanted the song to sound fresh but a bit similar to the albums by The Beatles, Vulfpeck and various artists at Daptone Records. That’s why all the instruments and vocals were recorded in analog fashion on reel to reel tape recorder. The backing track consisting of Drums, bass and acoustic guitars was recorded live in the studio to capture some of the band’s live energy on tape.”

Just like the sweetness of her kiss, ‘Hello You’ is a sentimental charm of that moment in time.

A lover, loving the bounty of a loving relationship – a loving glance – a loving touch – the whole package and circumstances makes a heart sing, sometimes.

‘Hello You’ surely does that.

GRANDMOTHER CORN is made up of: Teo Hirvonen (guitar, drums, organ & vocals), Rasmus Ruonakoski (fender bass & guitar), Sakari Somerto (drums, keyboards, guitar & vocals), Max Somerjoki (guitar), Pan Hirvonen (harmonica), and Henri Lintula (drums).



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