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PREMIERE: Grandmother Corn Shares ‘Up To The Moon’.

‘Up To The Moon’ is the third single from GRANDMOTHER CORN’s upcoming 3rd album.

Taking the baton from their previous singles ‘Hop On A Cloud’ and ‘Hello You’, the band rides across the horizon with hair abandon and with everything to look forward to. Although the song is a love song the idea for the lyrics came from seeing people celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing.

Grandmother Corn released its first LP Ballroom Cuts in spring 2017. The band is known for their furious live performances and has gained remarkable reputation in the Fenno-skandian underground music scene. On 16th of May 2018 the band released their second album, Daphne.

We’d stated of the band: “Funky, nostalgic, furiously fun, the band is a ball of ol’ style rock n’ roll and underground magic. They deliver with ambitious focus on what really matters. And what matters is a danceable sensibility of guitars, drums, harmonica, and vocals that bring you back in time and emotional delight. They succeed in ‘Hello You’ with flying colors, as the pastel tones invoke and unlock a previously secret part of your heart.”

Stays true in this, the newest offering from the band.

GRANDMOTHER CORN is made up of: Teo Hirvonen (guitar, drums, organ & vocals), Rasmus Ruonakoski (fender bass & guitar), Sakari Somerto (drums, keyboards, guitar & vocals), Max Somerjoki (guitar), Pan Hirvonen (harmonica), and Henri Lintula (drums).

See them next @ Idle Hands, Brighton UK, on October 19th.



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