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PREMIERE: haha charade Shares ‘The Reversal’. “Is it too late? Have we crossed the point of no return?”

Politics of the United States have seen good days and bad days. Guess it’s in the confusing stage of going through all of the items in the ‘to-do’ list that was delayed in the aftermath of two distinct tragedies, the 2001 terror attack on the Twin Towers and the 2008 financial crisis.

Then in 2016, there was an upset in the presidential election. Been a tumultuous ride since then.

“This lyrics for this song was written the day after the 2016 US presidential election,” said haha charade. “I was thinking of just how exactly we got to where we were. What happened to our country that the two finalists for the leader of the free world were a narcissistic, hubris-filled moron, and a power hungry war-hawk?”

“The people seemed to have a grass roots political campaign that was completely ignored by the media and was thrown under the bus by every major political organization. The people weren’t getting what they wanted no matter the vote. This song came from the culmination of the frustration of feeling stuck and how easy it is to see the inconsequential corruption in our government.”


“A few days later, we put the lyrics to the fast paced music and bouncy rhythm you hear today. We felt like the best way to deal with our political conundrum was to get energetic and to have a little bit of fun around with it because, well, what the fuck else are we supposed to do?”

“With the impeachment proceedings on the horizon, we decided now was as good as time as any to offer a voice to the many.”

Word brother.

The haha charade story began from humble beginnings of playing in basements, living rooms, and garages. The band’s cult following that was growing, lead to haha charade’s debut show in the Philadelphia area during the summer of 2018.

That’s the way boys. That’s the way.

haha charade will be releasing their debut album early in 2020.


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