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PREMIERE // HALAN ‘Best Intentions’ : To propel the new evolved ‘you’, far off into that exalting new horizon.


Hurt and betrayal. Loss and unadulterated grief. Memories in excitement, and memories that shouldn’t have been. HALAN’s exquisitely honesty, surges in the proof of life and in her examination for glance.

“This song is about a guy who pursued me and convinced me to date him in my freshman year of college, and then dumped me after a month,” said HALAN. “This is the 2nd and titular song from my 4-track EP, ‘Best Intentions'”

The upcoming EP are a ‘dedication’ to four distinct men who HALAN had crossed paths in her travels of living. “Some had good intentions and some didn’t have the best intentions. To go with this song I’ll be releasing a music video I filmed, acted in and produced on my own.”

Murky intuitions for the twists and proclivity of light and dark, deliver clarity of thoughts and remaining impressions. The biggest love is the one that could have. And thrown off its road to salvation, which was tragedy, in its essence – a violence in silence of regrets.

HALAN’s strength of character – the will to look back into a sadder time – is obvious in its relevance and integral sanction of a song named ‘Best Intentions’. A complex moment in time, seemingly easier in hindsight – a time and a slice of time when things could have resulted differently.

But HALAN’s notes-per-notes in song, are for looking towards the future and not of the past. Not of remaining with weight of apologies.

The past needs to be examined, to propel the new evolved ‘you’.

Into a far off exalting new horizon.


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