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PREMIERE // Heartwood ‘Wanderlove’ : Reminded of the love that shouldn’t be shadowed by anything again.

Album drops January 10th.


Jack Connolly and Genevieve Charbonneau (Balkan Babes, Genevieve and the Wild Sundays) from Vancouver Island’s Cowichan Valley, fulfill your heart and invites you to love. To love like a child, love like the best ‘you’, and to love like there’s nothing that can get you down – no way, no how.

When was the last time you’d been free of the daily stresses and the worries that got you down? When was the time you’d laughed with a hearty bellow, with zero angst about the next day’s worries which still exist? When was the last time you’d looked into her eyes and saw her for the beautiful person you fell in love with – again for the first time.

For most, it’s been a long time.

We mature, we grow older, we grow wiser, and maybe a bit sadder. In a sense we lose perspective, to a degree where the things and people we love are pushed aside from the bulldozer of a day to day.

It’s neither bad nor good, mind you. It’s just life.

However, with a bluegrass bop like ‘Wanderlove’, it can help you remember, just a bit more, about what you have and what’s more important.

Jack and Genevieve met through Facebook originally and Jack quickly offered to record and produce Genevieve’s latest album ‘Heart is a Tower’. But the chemistry they found through working on that project could not be ignored and they quickly formed a duo, backing each other’s songs with vocals and guitar.


Now, a Heartwood live album (to drop January 10th) is here with the same kind of energy and exuberance the duo knew they had via their collaboration from the start. Exhibited, in the whole, and in the way they’d like to share, they ‘wander’ focused and triumphantly into a wonderful world of zest and appreciation.

‘Wanderlove’ is a grieving of a heart that is missed, longing for them to be together again – reminded of the love that shouldn’t be shadowed by anything again.

Let’s hold on.

The song features the talents of Ivonne Hernandez on fiddle, Oliver Swain on bass and Bill Hicks on drums.



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