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PREMIERE: Hedy Blaazer Shares ‘a happy song’.

See her next @ Live at the Polo for the Canberra Music Festival on December 14th.


Hedy Blaazer’s newest single ‘a happy song’ comes with 6-shooter vibes and absolute uniqueness. The theatrical indie-rock and Americana twists bring about tangible grit of emotions to the fore.

The Sydney/Canberra-based singer-songwriter and guitarist, as out of the blue, casts wariness of the human condition aside, and affords rousing anthems through her hard earned musical fare. A resounding rebuke of the beasts and ghosts of the past, the future seems ripe for contemplation and inauguration.

‘A Happy Song’ is nothing like any other kind of ‘happy’. It’s a salted bitter, sweetness of tang that is contrasted in the subtleties and inflection of Hedy’s beautifully distinct vocals. Then bounding off of the walls of destitute, the fruitful pulses and suggestions of the folk framed instruments, keep the expectations of that bright horizon, close to the realities of the current and sane.

Live, Hedy forms a duo with Marcella Tonini on the fiddle. And with Benjamin Drury (Double Bass) and Nic Dullow on Drums, Hedy and the band guarantees honest, quirky lyrics and genre-bending sights and sounds within a musical cavalcade.

It’s a succinct and fabulous sonic ride through Hedy’s world.

See her next @ Live at the Polo for the Canberra Music Festival on December 14th.



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