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PREMIERE: Henry Hall Shares ‘Missing Out On Purpose’ (Live). “Shines…for the life that needs to be lived.”

There in lies within the folds of one’s inner misgivings. What we are. What we think we’re not. What we deem ourselves to be doing – at this moment – at that moment – at the curtailed hesitation in thought and those indelible ‘misgivings’.

HENRY HALL is a multi-faceted artist who blends in the nuances of different genres of musical styles. And in ‘Missing Out On Purpose’ he traverses into a much more personal space where doubts and ‘fears’ of multiple degrees, haunt the everyday. Looking back at the times of inner turmoils, of situations that seems arbitrary and non-sensical to the outsider, Henry delves and touches on a subject that deviates a person’s life from concept and on to form. A grind stone of small increments, and a brick that builds into the character that a soul can tolerate. And someday maybe get accustomed by the embrace of it all.

“On “Missing Out on Purpose,” I wanted to write a very literal song that dealt with how I feel about socializing sometimes… or always, if I’m being honest,” stated Henry. “It’s so easy to miss out on things and sometimes you feel like MOOP (missing out on purpose) instead of feeling that FOMO feeling (fear of missing out).”

It’s not only about going out or enjoying life, but the struggle is felt through guilt and ambition. A self prescribed cocktail of responsibilities that always wash over an existence.

Henry’s existence.

Off of his latest 4 track EP ‘Questions, Comments, Concerns’, the single ‘Missing Out On Purpose’ is his most solum. The melancholic vibes are demonstrably and palpably enunciated by the wistful guitar strums, all tattle-tailed by the accepting and understanding lyrical verses. Tattooed incessantly with Henry’s expressive and subtle vocals, the combined estuary of emotional reluctance, shines with unambiguous anthem for the life that needs to be lived.

“There’s always that internal struggle of knowing that it’s good for you to go out or “just go” like I say in the song,” continued Henry. “It can feel like you’re being pulled in two directions at once — one way towards the party and the other way towards your apartment and your cozy ass bed. That’s something we’ve all had to deal with in our social lives, I think. I’d also like to add that I hope everyone describes their bed as a “cozy ass bed.”

The artist based out of Los Angeles, is as happy-go-lucky and positive in attitude as they come. His shimmer in his real-life is a glowing assertion to a life being fulfilled to its brim.

But we all have those days of self-discovery and challenges, and we think that’s what ‘Missing Out On Purpose’ arrives at.

The live music video (directed by Hannah Baker; cinematography by Ethan Young) succeeds, as it transfers the same viability which the studio version version also possesses. At the same time it adds Henry’s terms of endearment into the passages of his lyrics, helping to enhance in another interesting and affectionate direction.

Henry wants to let us know that anxiety is common. We’re animals in this hectic world, after all.

But nothing’s ever lost forever. Redemption can be had, at every minute, once more.

Henry’s EP ‘Questions, Comments, Concerns’ is out now.



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