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PREMIERE // Honas ‘Wicker Blanket’ : Emboldening suffrage for life, will be there to hold your hand and heart.


Honas’ debut release, ‘Wicker Blanket’. Blooming in sentiments, the beautifully cultured edges of Honas’ vocals in ‘Wicker Blanket’ envelops you in gorgeous light of rainbow beams and subtle visions of love.

“It was written in an early-twenties state of uncertainty,” said Honas. “It deals with the idea of comfort, and how comfort can be all we long for, but too much can end up becoming frustrating and restrictive. It’s an attempt to find the balance between feeling ambitious, hungry for new experiences, and feeling comfortable and content with just how things are.”

Having spent the first half of his 20s writing with and producing for other artists, such as Zapho and Seba Safe, as well as being a key member of Irish indie-outfit Orchid Collective, Honas then turned his attention to putting his debut album together with producer Adam Redmond (Search Party Animal).

The sonic palette of Wicker Blanket has elements reminiscent of Bon Iver, The 1975 and Tycho. The combination of Honas’ organic singer-songwriter style with these lush Alt-Pop sonic landscapes makes for a fresh sound that will be pleasing to fans of more traditional songwriting as much as fans of a more modern-electronic disposition. This is an important part of Honas’ makeup. Let the endless possibilities of modern music inspire, while never neglecting the most important part – the song.

When you hurry, you wait. When you love, you embrace. And when you listen to the tidings of such horizons, Honas’ healing of detriment, elation, and emboldening suffrage for life, will be there to hold your hand and heart. Beautiful indeed.

Honas’ delicate molding of lyrical beauty, is overwhelming. Let’s get enveloped.


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