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PREMIERE: Idiotic Oddity Shares ‘Ooh LaLa (feat. Billiam)’. “You don’t know why you are, but you ARE.”


IDIOTIC ODDITY is anything, but. The Indianapolis Indiana based producer of pop, hip/hop and r&b offerings that hit at the palisades of EDM and funk elements, for that distinctive flavor.

All started officially in 2015, and as IDIOTIC ODDITY mixed his way in to multiple genres, the goals quickly came fast and furious as he’d dropped his first self-titled EP that same year.

After a short hiatus from publishing, IDIOTIC ODDITY came back in 2018, releasing Christmas track titled “Merry Christmas, I’m Really Sorry”, followed up with upbeat, funky single “I Want to” in February of 2019.

‘Ooh LaLa’ featuring Billiam is a collaboration between longtime friends, is a bookmark of a new chapter for IDIOTIC ODDITY’s new musical ventures.

Quickly as you listen to ‘Ooh LaLa’, your preconception of what IDIOTIC ODDITY is all about (i.e. offerings dipped in parody, etc) is quickly shattered into 1000 pieces. And as you listen and delve deeper into the song, you’re automatically consumed by the airy goodness.

Of course not all of the quirk is whisked away, but that’s where the ingredients of IDIOTIC ODDITY’s new single works so well.

From the interesting vocal offering, to the semi-tropical beat, and the unadulterated slow jam of pop intentions, you get to feel you’re ‘home’ to a certain degree.

With genuine supposition for what it ‘all might mean’, IDIOTIC ODDITY just wants you to enjoy whatever you’re doing as his music soothes and encourages.

By the end of the song, you’re in a better mood. You don’t know why you are, but you ARE.

And we guess, it’s something that we all should just embrace with all our might.





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