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PREMIERE: Jack Bobley Shares ‘Drowning’. “Voice memo for note taking.”

Being compelling is something that comes from a place of mystery. Inaccessible to many and at the same time and utterly profound and natural for some, the fruits of an art that drives a listener to relate is hard to come by in this world.

JACK BOBLEY’s a solo artist living and producing in the Washington DC area. And in ‘Drowning’, he works his way into bringing that intangible access, up to the surface, where we all can glance at something special.

Stated Jack: “‘Drowning’ is the first song I wrote for my new record Daydream, and was the key to escaping months of post-record writers block. I finished writing the song on New Years Eve, and recorded a voice memo for note taking purposes. The most raw performance of a song is almost always immediately after writing it, and I subsequently fell in love with the voice memo, making it the intro to the tune.”

With the droning oddity of the chorus, shaking vocals, intuitively unintuitive instrumental arrangements, ‘Drowning’ compels with all cylinders quaking, and surging. The understated thrust, derides a special kind of irrepressible urge, decadent to the touch and also, highly corrosive at an emotional stride. The fervor for a haunting and ethereal movement, combines with the distinctive execution, deliciously keeps you at the foot of the mountain – wanting more.

The mix of hiphop vibes and hinting lyrical beats, the song brings forth an experience of an overall fabulousness, lovingly encased in a chocolaty gloom-pop extravaganza.

JACK BOBLEY is influenced by artists like James Blake, Radiohead, and Shlohmo. Let’s get to know Jack more. We feel he’s got more to say through his music.



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