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PREMIERE: JACKIE MARSHALL Shares ‘I Know You’. A Celebration For The Next Chapter.

JACKIE MARSHALL is a singer/songwriter who, just like many, have gone through ups and downs, bouts of sadness and lengthy blotches of happiness, which helped her career and personal growth. Life hasn’t been easy, for dang sure. Life really isn’t always. The degree of ‘hardships’ vary from person to person. But it’s not how you start, but how you finish, right?

New album ‘Lilith Shrugs’ drops September 10th.

Her successes in her work career dates to 2000, when she was invited to an “all-female world-touring ethno music ensemble” named Tulipan. After the her ‘self-awareness tour’, in 2006 she’d successfully debuted her album ‘Fight n’Flight’. Then after a long musical break between 2010-2014, she came back ‘on to the stage’ with her EP ‘The Good People’ (but under her side-project with the moniker ‘The Peppercorn Queen’).

However, in 2016, tragedy struck when she had to have a mastectomy procedure done, irreparably scaring her physically and in emotional distress. “In 2016 I underwent a right breast mastectomy and various courses of chemotherapy as I ‘adventured’ with breast cancer well into 2017. As a veteran of teenage Hodgkins’ Lymphoma plus various other serious medical issues I was and am blessed to have handled this latest medical chapter in my life…”

But through all of this, music was always there for her, and as an important part in digesting the big bumps in the road of life.

When it seems that there’s no ‘luck’ for you in life, it’s hard to be who you really are. The happiness is sapped from your body, your mind, and your soul. Close friends and family, are pushed back from your normal communication and distanced to a point of ‘incoherence’. It’s a normal reaction.

And fortunately, sometimes, your will to survive and thrive once more, kick in. Just like in Jackie’s case.

Celebration of Another Chapter

In 2018, she’s expected to drop her latest and first full length album. Just like before, Jackie has gotten stronger as the years have gone by. With those layers of protection, she has now the energy and purpose to ‘say’ many things about her experiences.

In her single ‘I Know You’ (her reflections on her relationship with a live in partner who was suffering from Post traumatic stress disorder), Jackie poignantly and constructively remembers and empathizes, with the situation they both were dealt. Jackie feels, in hind-sight, it wasn’t her partner’s fault.

But trauma is hard to cope. And much like her ailments, and difficulties throughout her earlier life, she’s come through to the place where she’s making great music, loving her work, and having things in a wider and acceptable perspective.

“In my work I concern myself with existential questions, mental health specifically depression, anxiety, addiction, and PTSD; arts practice theory and conceptualization, feminism and female issues common to women around the world such as domestic violence, sexual violation and trauma, breast cancer, raising children into compassionate conscious and conscientious people, the oppression of women via body image driven by commercial interests. Female sexuality and sexual power. Maiden Mother Crone. Whore. Mythological archetypes across cultures, creation stories. Absurdism. The gap between rich and poor. I care about community and genuine connection in a variety of contexts. I pay my respects to the the traditional owners of the country on which I create and live and I recognize their continuing connection to country. The nation state as meaningful as the football team; and then paradoxically, what it is to be Australian. Conflicting social values. The status of the Artist in society. Updating Blainey’s Tyrrany Of Distance. Woke vs. Woke. The list goes on. I’ve enjoyed yoga and swimming for over twenty years, get into the odd bit of boxing since a couple years back, enjoy growing my own food, and employing astrology as a tool in understanding the psychology of various people around me. I work/think about my work a lot on the treadmill and while driving. I read widely, attempt to join a lot of dots, paint, draw, journal, write extensive notes, stargaze, play quite a bit of Words With Friends, make weird rugs out of recycled fabric, cook passably, dream profusely, and refuse to mop in a country where people will insist upon wearing their shoes indoors.” – Jackie.

Jackie Marshall is YOU. ME. US – all of us, who do our best to do the things we crave to accomplish. She is what we all try to do, in being the best we can, even when the chips may be not in your favor. Using all of her humor, and methods of concentration, Jackie helps us understand that we’re all normal in going through such plights, but have to fight for how and why we live, day to day – for we human beings are a hodgepodge of emotions and limitations.

So, let’s try to be more like Jackie. Let’s keep on, keepin’ on. Let’s be stronger.

We at CHF celebrate life’s strengths vicariously. And Jackie Marshall is a dang great example of such.

Congrats Jackie in the next chapter of your musical career.



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