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PREMIERE: Jaguar Moon Shares ‘Bird Song’. “The Danish alt-pop collective derives sadness, with golden visions.”

Jaguar Moon are a new project from Denmark based, Bjarke Bendtsen.

“It might be the hardest thing in this world to do,” said Bjarke. “When you take a step back from the relationship and view it subjectively, you’re amazed what a hideous creature you’ve created – warping your perception of reality.”

Like the tick-tock turn of a blue ball earth, the days go by with the dampness of past glimpses and mistresses in silken breaths. A shadow of your former self, reflected on the laundered white-wash in heart, your dagger glances of the future, divulge with just a wisp of ‘good-bye’. Gentle and waning, you smile in contempt, knowing that this warm glow of a past happiness, will just slither into nothingness.



Bjarke’s project is a ravaged ripping of insoluble thoughts for one subject. A misnomer for the heart rendered helpless, the dream of dreams turn and re-turn, like a bad nightmare. A nightmare that is too private and hurtful, you can’t say it out loud, within.

Let the breeze of knowledge pour over your soul. ‘It is time to let things go’, you tell yourself.

But you’re the worst listener, you know of.

Textures of delight, clash with the dreads of potential promises. And where love and loss ponders heavily like the weight of a thousand suns, you close your eyes, for maybe that new day ahead.

See them next @ Råhuset, Copenhagen on November 29th.

Jaguar Moon is comprised of Bjarke, Fathma Fahmi, and Mattia Guidarelli.


Jesper Helbo


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