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PREMIERE // Jangus Kangus ‘Our Love is Dead’ : A surge of passions … in the fight to communicate the visceral and of the every-day.

Jangus Kangus

‘Santa Fe Sessions’ is a lofi indie folk/rock album written and recorded in a bedroom in New Mexico. Inspired by the western pilgrimages of painter Georgia O’Keeffe, Jangus Kangus’ album delivers the same kind of shape shifting atmospherics as O’Keeffe paintings.

It’s a mystery when Jangus Kangus, the 26 year old Indian-Vietnamese songwriter performs. The project of Jasmine Sankaran, iridescence and ambiguity of mystical ambience, collide in a battle for wit and territory, of heart and mind.

‘Our Love is Dead’ sprouts with ample angst, mildly enshrined in the edges of nihilistic assumptions, it brings forth the tastes and appetites of Jasmine’s curiosity of light, dark, and of the gray. A surge of passions, controlled and managed, in the fight to communicate the visceral and of the every-day.

“This particular song, “Our Love is Dead” is about taking shrooms and breaking up with a significant other in the desert. It’s about the boiling point of a breakup, the moment when everything is laid out clearly and you know what is going to happen before it does.”

And that anthem, continues through with haunting anthems of ‘Santa Fe Sessions’ tell the story of stripping down one’s life after heartache and finding rebirth in the wide open skies of the high desert.

Accompanying music video was shot by Jangus Kangus and filmmaker Timothy Burnham in the Carson National Forest in New Mexico and 29 Palms, California. Equally inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse, Buster Keaton’s silent films, and witchcraft folklore, the music video creates a fairy tale that tells the story of the album symbolically.

‘Our Love is Dead’ is the second in a trilogy of music videos for ‘Santa Fe Sessions’.


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