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PREMIERE: Jay Warren Shares ‘Where Do You Sleep’. “The journey is never over, even when it’s over.”

JAY WARREN’s latest single ‘Where Do You Sleep’ is an anthem to that passion for relationship that all of us seek from one set of degrees, to the next. The freeing call to the wilds of the world, beckon with unencumbered sways of prodigious promises and unsurpassed guilt in being in love.

Seemingly as old as time, our insatiable yearning for companionship and ultimately, love, pulses through our human physiology. Sometimes without a care, and sometimes with the vigilant affection as domineering as a 20 ship armada, we look for that one thing that will fulfill our deep longing. A longing for that one piece of the puzzle that we deem the perfection to that ever enlarging puzzle game of life.

There’s no mystery to it. The only mystery is that we as a species succumb, even though we know there are ways to control it.

The temporary and involuntary cramps, often lead to heartaches and self-induced sorrow. A path that is a script that seems to have been written into our DNA. A passion for love and all of the euphoria that are prized and revered.

There are plenty of reasons to deny this urge. This unfulfilled psychosis for that touch, that look, the undeniable knowledge that there IS and will ALWAYS be at least one person who will care for you – always.

There is no love, without the pain of the possibility of never being loved. The forces of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ contrast in everything that we do, and the relationship premise isn’t any different. The sweet and the tart, goes hand in hand, as the day and night, forever dance in our lives.

“Where are you now?” is the question for the one who’s not with you any longer.

“Who are you with?” is the self hurting question that pops up hour by hour.

“Why aren’t you with me any longer” is the realization of the facts and what mistakes you’d made to have that occur to make that come to life.

Jay is a Salt Lake City based artist, originally from San Diego. The r&b singer/songwriter teamed up with Ashley Hess for ‘Where Do You Sleep’ and the duet breeches the palisades of our own personal questions and demons, setting us free from the madness of being in love, still.

“I don’t know why, but I feel like sad songs seek me out,” Jay stated. “It’s like I can’t get away from writing about all the insecurities in life. I promise I have a happy life, apparently I just have a lot of emotions!”

See Jay next at the DIY Festival in Salt Lake City August 9th.

The journey is never over, even when it’s over.


Ashley Hess


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