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PREMIERE: Jeremy Winter Shares ‘Construct’. “Fabric of knowledge, sewn into the vastness of each drop of blood.”

Transformation is what becomes of you. Fabric of knowledge, sewn into the vastness of each drop of blood – each drop of sacrifice – becoming an integral ingredient and sanity for what’s to come for anyone of us. You. Him. Her.

Without a doubt, JEREMY WINTER’s latest single ‘Construct’ is as heavy and introspective as they come. The impulsive acumen of his then feelings about relationships and outlook on this microcosm, tempers with fire and never waning vision for a reckoning. The urgency is laid down in the smooth harpsichord like synth vagrancy. And when Jeremy’s hauntingly barren, but utterly expressive vocals dowse and prod with words as alibis, you sink into a vapid guise of desperation and challenges, that bloom with lust and love for the things that matter.

“It’s a great risk to me. With these rewards…with this contemptuous age…”

The Virginia Beach, Virginia native moved to Brooklyn NY with a singular purpose: “To take it by storm..” shouted Jeremy. And as the years have gone by, he’s been able to bring integration to his music and most importantly, the focus and aptitude, that his lyrics were made to evoke. The project mixes electronic sounds with 80’s synths and as he puts it “2010’s trap beats’ to bring to light his urging uniqueness.

‘Construct’ is of the mind and soul, if you ask Jeremy. The song was written before another milestone in his life. And as he’s always done, he challenged his notions about his place and influence within his footprint, by embarking on a Buddhist retreat. Stated Jeremy: “The song explores how the need to create space in a relationship in order to allow growth.”

A theme that is consistent throughout his writing is of ‘growth in harmony’; a plateau that he seems to strive for with each single. And with this solo project, he does his damnedest to express such voluminous story telling, with subtle dexterity and reverential aptitude for his surroundings.

He is also involved in different projects with Party Dark, LaCoy, and Royal Stud.

Let’s ride with Jeremy.



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