PREMIERE // Jessica Genius ‘Sugar Shady’ : Topped off in a cloud that is hazy in lust and forlorn resistance.

Jessica Genius

A more prosaic acclamation, than just a music band, Jessica Genius decides to be shrouded in mystery, in the attempt to tickle and sprinkle around the arousing scent of the music that they serve. A profoundly pop oriented, indie purveyance, the build up of ‘Sugar Shady’ has all of the billing characteristics of decadence and relevance, topped off in a cloud that is hazy in lust and forlorn resistance.

Folk, digitized; bluegrass Americana stigmatized in undertows of vocal manipulation, the country-but-not, tackles the worlds of loops and taunts. Elvis would have loved the drips and clang of twists and danceable rhythms.

Get in.

Get into, ‘Sugar Shady’.

Jessica Genius is the project of of former band members of Joywave and Kopps.


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