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PREMIERE // John of the Apocalypse ‘Take That Technology’ : A future that is tech. A future where we become anew. A future, where humanity IS machine. Inevitable?

John of the Apocalypse

Round and round, we spin around. Around the cauldron of the things that makes us better in many ways; worse in the most subtle. A deluge of those machine – small and large – helps us decide our futures. Also, it helps us, to an ever increasing degree, in becoming ‘one’ with the once subservient tech, once only a tool.

Rhythms of nature made un-holy, the acceleration of the things that cannot be separated, rides the full steam ahead in time and what’s to be.

A future that is tech. A future where we become anew. A future, where humanity IS machine. Is this inevitable?

The name ‘John of the Apocalypse’ (JotA) appeared to lead singer and guitarist Patrick Hallinan in a dream. And with that inspiration, Patrick pushed singles and hits in the coming years. Patrick began working with JotA drummer and bassist Steve Dwane (both from County Mayo, Ireland) on ‘Thinkerrs’, releasing ‘Black Dog’ in 2013.

More recently Hallinan teamed up with Kevin Donnellan (Doppler) on the instrumental folk project ‘The Third Rehearsal’. Their debut release ‘Nothing I was Thinking’ (2020) received airplay on RTE Radio 1 and Radio Na Gaeltachta, among other platforms, with Tony Clayton Lea describing it as a ‘truly lovely piece’.

Patrick’s training in the healing arts, pushed him into another layer of his being, where he’d been on a journey of discovery. And with this personal journey, the feelings and wants have manifested into the songs he’d designed.

“When I’ve managed to get out of the way of the songs, they’ve emerged as these reflections on my own healing journey, as well as what’s happening in society.”

‘Take That Technology’ is a primal call to reconnect with each other and our innate wildness, amid our increasing alienation and hypnotization by technology.

Take That Technology is from the upcoming EP, ‘The Sacred Animal’. It will drop soon in, 2021.


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